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Accessories for Carolina Rose and Lily Grace

At this time the only accessory for the dolls are the wardrobes.

These wardrobes come in stains, natural, painted and painted with an antiqued finish. The wardrobes are made of real wood with hinged doors and unfinished inside and back just like a real wardrobe would be.

There is a pole across the inside for hanging the doll dress. A mirror on the inside of one door so the girls can check how they look, and pegs on the inside of the other door for hanging bonnets, aprons and such.

Prices and shipping costs are at the bottom of page. Clicking on pictures will open a new window to see the larger photo. Make sure your window is maximized to see the larger photo.


Here you can see two of the wardrobes. One is an oak stain and the other is painted with an antiqued finish. It also has a stamped design around the door and on the door fronts.

There is a wooden turn latch that keeps the doors closed until you are ready to open them. But the outfits look so neat inside that you are going to want to keep at least one door open all the time.

Handles on doors are handmade with polymer clay, wooden or clay beads and are chosen at my discretion.

Antiqued wardrobes have crackle and roughing on them. They have stamped designs in two coordinating colors.

Click on the pictures to see the larger photo.

The wardrobes are $50 for the stained / code - wd-st
$60 for painted / code - wd-pt
and $65 for the antiqued / code -wd-ant

You can request a color stain or paint. Please understand that exact color matches are not guaranteed but we will come as close as possible to a requested color.
Shipping charges are listed at bottom.

We girls just love our accessories!

Shipping costs- Add $8.00 to order for shipping each wardrobe.

If you have other items such as dolls, babies, and clothes you may be able to get reduced shipping charges on those as I will combine items.
Just send an email asking for a shipping quote on the items you would like to purchase.