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Hammered Dulcimer

Private Lessons.... .$35/hr

  • Rentals available for students
  • choose your topic for a lesson (look below at the workshop subjects to find something you would like to learn)
Cindy teaches at workshops and festivals including;


Workshop Subjects (can be geared to different levels)
Cindy uses a special "monster" chart and hammers to make learning easier and fun.

  • Beginners
    • Special attention given to the way students hold hammers and approach the dulcimer/ learning notes and mapping out the dulcimer / easy, fun tunes.
  • Repertoire
    • Old-Time/ Hymns/ Christmas/ Wedding/ Folk/ others.
  • Chording
    • Focus on learning chord patterns and their placement on the dulcimer in order to utilize these chords on the entire dulcimer / understanding and using the number system/ styles and techniques for using chords for rhythm and backup.
  • Chord Theory
    • Learn how a tune developes/ how to recognize keys and know what chords work within those keys.
  • Transposing
    • Easy methods for transposing music and chords for those pieces that just dont fit on your dulcimer.
  • Improvisation
    • Tips and tricks to learning how to improvise on your dulcimer in order to make your music fuller and give yourself freedom to express yourself.
  • Playing Backup
    • This is a popular workshop that teaches how to use chording, rhythm and hammering techniques to backup other musicians or singers.
  • Separate Hands
    • A technique that enlarges your playing and allows you to use both sides of your brain at once. One hand plays melody while the other playes the accompaniment.
  • Musicality
    • Take your playing up a notch by learning how to make what you do now sound even better. Tips on phrasing, accenting, dynamics, arranging, memorizing and more.
  • Dealing with Performance Anxiety
    • "Joy is not fulfilled until it is shared". Playing music can be a joy that is shared. Tips, exercises and "group therapy" for dealing with the things that contribute to performance anxiety.
  • Arranging
    • Ideas for arranging, special attention given to hymns and songs. Group input and sharing of ideas and techniques to come up with individual and/or group arrangements.

  • Playing for Weddings
    • Learn the protocol for weddings, how to make up a contract, what is expected from you as a musician as well as what you can expect from the contractees. Playing for weddings can be as easy as knowing three tunes.
  • Playing Wellness Clinic
    • Go through a checklist of exercises and techniques to see where you stand in your knowledge of dulcimer related theory, techniques and notes on your dulcimer. Helps to locate problem areas, strengths, weaknesses, and points in a direction for growth..

  • Composing Music the Fun Way
    Learn the structure of a tune and using fun tools like cards or numbers put together musical phrases and create a new tune.
  • ABC Notation
    • Learn about the notation and software that allows sending and recieving music over the internet in small text files. Thousands of tunes at a click! Software, shareware and freeware allows turning the text notation into standard notation and tablature.


cindy teaching beginners hammered dulcimer at John C Campbell Folk School
teaching at JCCFS
giant chart in back

ABC Notation Class ......UPDF