Gourd Art

Cindy enjoys creating beautiful and whimsical art using gourds. This page and the following one contains examples of her gourd art.

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gourd lady

Gourd Lady

YIPEE! She won a BLUE ribbon at the NC Gourd Festival.
(Fantasy Category)

  • Hand painted.
  • Stands 18" tall.
  • Made with gourds and gourd pieces.
  • Lady bugs and bumble bee with polymer clay.
  • Basket filled with seeds and other natural objects as well as silk flowers.


Oil Lamp-wood burned feather
with red dye
This item won a white ribbon at the NC GOURD FESTIVAL!
(Native American Category)


Gourd bowl with seagrass and beaded rim


Birdhouse made from egg gourd.


Bowl gourd with carved and painted leaves.


Quilt pattern bowl gourd.
Beaded rim.
Won a RED ribbon at the NC GOURD FESTIVAL
(I did it My Way category)


Bowl with pine needle rim and trim.


Oil lamp with red and brown leather dye.


Egg Gourd oil lamp.
Finished natural.

gourd baby doll
Gourd doll.
She won a BLUE ribbon at the NC GOURD FESTIVAL.

( Doll Category)

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