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My cloth dolls

Here you will find pictures of the dolls I have made from cloth. If you are interested in purchasing one of these dolls or a doll similar you may email me with your intentions. Arrangements can be made for you to own one of the sweet little dolls with your choice of hair, eye and skin color. Making dolls has become one of my wonderful obsessions.

I hope you enjoy looking at my babies. The gourd dolls are included on these pages as well even though they would not be considered cloth.

This is the first cloth doll I ever made. I was around 13 years old when I made her for my sister Melody for Christmas the year we knew that Christmas was going to be very lean. 35 years later Melodyr still has her and the little box that my other sister made for her to go in. She is made from one of Daddy's socks.

This is Cecile. She is made from Craft Velour and has a painted face and yarn hair. She is very sweet and has been adopted.





This is another doll from craft velour. I made her to replicate the My child doll. She is a mini my child. Her arms and legs are jointed and her head turns. she is wearing a mini replica My Child doll dress and shoes that I made to match.



This is Elizabeth. Made from craft velour with a gessoed face with sculpted features. 11" tall. Jointed at shoulders and hips. Head turns. Fingers bend.
This doll pattern is derived from Judy Ward's Bleuette doll pattern.

Elizabeth in her new Christmas coat.




This is Fawn. She is Sherry Goshen pattern with some alterations. Painted face, yarn hair. Legs, arms and head turn. Fingers bend. I call her a Pollywoggle. Made of painted muslin. Around 13" kneeling.

This is another Pollywoggle I made for my sister Melody.

This is Molly. She is made of craft velour and has moveable arms, legs and head. She is only 8" tall. She was gifted to a friend.

This is a doll made from an Alicia Merritt doll kit from 1980. She was made for her mommy who lives in England. Her name is Sarah. She will be getting an American cousin soon.

This is a vintage style cloth doll.
She is made from cotton with an oil painted head and acrylic limbs. She has swing legs, painted boots and crocheted bonnet.


These are the first dolls I made when I took Judy Ward's Bleuette in cloth doll. They are made from craft velour. I altered the pattern to get the different styles.



This is my first ball jointed cloth bleuette made from Judy Ward's Class. She has ball jointed arms and legs. I made her little shoes and dress. She sparked a chain of events that are all over this page.
She was gifted.

Dolly Dingle is made from a vintage pattern, She is all painted muslin. Her undies are painted on her in pink and white. She is about as precious as she can be.

Alabama baby

This is Ana Sue. She has a cloth covered, hard, plaster head. I made the head by wrapping an old doll head in rigid wrap. She is patterned after the Alabama Babies made by Ella Smith, although not an exact replica by no means.

Ana Sue's face looks nothing like the original Alabama Baby. I made her outfit. Her jumper is rubber stamped with little flowers and leaves. Her bonnet is made from a vintage lace fabric table runner.
She is oil painted.

Boudoir Doll is made from cotton muslin painted flesh. Her face is painted from a vintage cloth boudoir doll seen on ebay. Yarn hair. If you click her picture you can see the whole doll.

Maggie Bessie Doll made from a pattern by Bradley Justice. Oil painted with outfit made from vintage cotton handkerchiefs. She has a little Bible I made from leather and handmade paper.

Another Maggie Bessie Doll from same pattern.



Made from three gourds and gourd pieces. Colored with permanent ink and sealed. Embelished with clay lady bugs and bumble bee plus natural products. She stands 18" tall. And she won a blue ribbon at the NC State Gourd Festival.

Gourd doll body and head is from one gourd. Arms and legs from stems of ladle gourd. Attached with cloth. She too won a blue ribbon at the NC State Gourd Festival.


This is Mina - a Susan Fosnot doll pattern. I adapted the patten by reducing it, adding applied cloth ears and hair. She has wonderful finger and toe nails. She is 13". Acrylic painted.

How cute is this? This is my rendition of a little cloth googly doll. She looks like a Dolly dingle doesnt she? Oil Painted all cloth.

This is my interpretation of a Greiner doll in cloth. I made her to be used in an opera in California where they needed a Victorian style doll that could not be broken. She ended up not being used. But she was adopted by the family whose young daughter was to use her in the opera.


My Izannah Walker reproduction. I had been waiting anxiously to make her. She is not quite done. But I am happy with her.


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